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5 de April de 2024


Las Karamba define themselves as an inclusive movement led by six female voices from different parts of Latin America. “No todo es lo que parece” is the latest preview of their upcoming album, which encapsulates the essence of the album and is available on all digital platforms. Their music is […]
27 de March de 2024

El Pony Pisador presents their new music video for ‘Els Animals Més Bells’.

The new music video from El Pony Pisador, “Els Animals Més Bells,” is now available as part of their new album “OCELLS,” already available on all digital platforms. Hand in hand with Enric Bonic, they present these illustrations made with a Bic pen that are clearly the winning graphic choice […]
7 de March de 2024

Las Karamba releases “COCTELEO” with Elena Salguero, the first preview of their upcoming album

Las Karamba is a musical group consisting of 6 women from Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, and Catalonia. Known for their energy and messages of female empowerment, they venture into new genres with the release of their single, “Cocteleo”, In collaboration with Madrid-based singer Elena Salguero, which premieres today. The song, blending […]
1 de March de 2024

The band La Sra. Tomasa fuses global rhythms in “¡SUENA!”

The Catalan-Canarian band, La Sra. Tomasa, releases the long-awaited release of “¡SUENA!” on March 1st. In this new work, they offer a musical experience that squeezes the essence of their recent international concerts to create an exceptional atmosphere that promises to captivate music lovers worldwide. This new work marks an […]
14 de February de 2024

La Sra. Tomasa captivates with their most electronic side in “Se Te Fue”

La Sra. Tomasa releases their highly anticipated new single “Se te fue” on February 22nd. This track marks the second advance of the Barcelona band, offering a perfect introduction to what will be their upcoming work “¡SUENA!” (Guspira Records 2024). La Sra. Tomasa is characterized by their energy and power […]
9 de February de 2024

La Sra. Tomasa returns to its roots with “Dale Candela”

La Sra. Tomasa returns to its roots with “Dale Candela” their new single. The Barcelona-based group aims to revisit those more electronic sounds while infusing them with the Latin essence that characterizes them in this first glimpse of their upcoming work, scheduled for March 1st. La Sra. Tomasa has established […]
8 de February de 2024

Mistah Godeh releases “Demonio” with Noite

The renowned Valencian artist, Mistah Godeh, makes his anticipated return with a new single titled “Demonio,” a powerful and energetic collaboration with the talented Noite. Produced by Andy Frenx and Yungg Trip, this electronic song, promising to captivate listeners with its vibrant sound and provocative message.  Mistah Godeh, a prominent […]
2 de February de 2024

El Pony Pisador presents their new album OCELLS

El Pony Pisador releases their highly anticipated album, “OCELLS”. It is an 11-track work that captures the diversity of traditional Catalan music, blending it with new sounds and exploring themes ranging from medieval stories to humorous narratives and children’s tales. Additionally, it features collaborations with Jonatan Penalba and Tarta Relena. […]
25 de January de 2024

Compota de Manana premieres “Baja la Velocidad” (Live)

Following the success of “La Jama Live,” on January 25th, they released the brilliant Live version of “Baja la velocidad”, accompanied by the authentic voice of Ahyvin Bruno from Las Karamba. Compota de Manana premieres “Baja La Velocidad” Live, one of the band’s most popular songs that exudes freshness and energy. With the collaboration […]
18 de January de 2024

El Pony Pisador releases their latest preview: “La Guerra de l’Emú”

El Pony Pisador, with a unique fusion of Celtic and roots music, they release “La Guerra de L’Emú,” the latest preview of their highly anticipated upcoming album OCELLS (Guspira Records 2023), set to be released on February 2. “La Guerra de L’Emú” is a fantastic and fun song inspired by […]
22 de December de 2023

Guspira closes the year with 202 shows in 17 countries

This year we will have the last concert of the year in Vietnam, and we couldn’t be happier! Another year full of concerts throughout Europe, Australia, USA, Colombia, Mexico, and Vietnam. Many thanks to all the artists who trust Guspira both in terms of management and record label. We also […]
21 de December de 2023

Mistah Godeh releases “Malandro”, the new single with Pure Negga

As the year comes to a close, Mistah Godeh pleases us with the release of his new single, “Malandro,” in collaboration with Pure Negga. Pure Negga, a Catalan artist known for creating Reggae music with hints of Rap/Hip Hop and other musical styles, brings his raspy voice and freshness, contributing […]
20 de December de 2023

Lágrimas de Sangre announces the first dates of 2024

LÁGRIMAS DE SANGRE announces the first dates of their upcoming tour, which will take them to perform in the main venues and festivals across the country throughout the next year in 2024. First confirmed dates: March 2nd – Valencia – Sala Repvblicca March 8th – Miranda de Ebro – Miranda […]
19 de December de 2023

Sr. Wilson returns to Mexico, accompanied by Senyor Oca

Sr. Wilson returns to Mexico to present his new album “Rutas Interestelares”. Following the success of his previous tour in Mexico with O.B.F, Sr. Wilson is back, this time accompanied by none other than the producer and artist Griffi, a living legend in the national Hip Hop scene, founder of […]
19 de December de 2023

El Pony Pisador will perform in Vietnam at the Hozo Music Festival

We are very pleased to announce that, after an incredible 2023 with over 50 concerts, El Pony Pisador will end the year in the best way with a performance in Vietnam. For the first time, the Catalan group will be performing at the Hozo Music Festival on December 24th in […]
14 de December de 2023

Microbio released his fourth solo album “HUMO SAPIENS”

Microbio, a recognized member of Lágrimas de Sangre and a prominent voice in combative rap, presents his latest solo work “HUMO SAPIENS” (Guspira Records 2023). This album, consisting of ten songs, is a plea against pseudoscience, anti-science attitudes, misinformation, and the proliferation of charlatans in today’s society. These themes become […]
14 de December de 2023

El Pony Pisador announces a venue tour for this 2024

Here are the first dates of El Pony Pisador’s venue tour for this 2024. The folk band will be presenting their new album OCELLS throughout the Catalan countries, set to be released on February 2nd. March 1st – Barcelona – PARAL·LEL 62 * March 9th – Lleida – CAFÈ DEL […]
13 de December de 2023

Valencian raper Aina Koda releases their new single: “Turra”

Aina Koda present their latest single, “Turra,” a commentary on the unnecessary dependency of being constantly connected to our surroundings 24/7, losing a part of ourselves by being perpetually focused on the external. Aina Koda addresses the need to look inward, at times relinquishing external demands to attend to our […]
12 de December de 2023

El Pony Pisador presents his second single: “L’Espantaocells”

El Pony Pisador released their new work, “L’Espantaocells”. This ballad, the second preview of their upcoming album, delves into the sound of medieval fantasy music while incorporating new instruments. In “L’Espantaocells,” El Pony Pisador aims for a sound that perfectly captures the essence of medieval fantasy melodies. Introducing instruments like […]
7 de December de 2023

Microbio presents “Limpiando”, the latest preview of his new album

Microbio releases “Limpiando,” the fourth and final preview of his upcoming album called HUMO SAPIENS, scheduled for release on December 14th. “LIMPIANDO” is a song that represents the idea of raw, tough, and dry rap under enveloping rhythms and rhymes that Microbio uses to review the current landscape from an […]
1 de December de 2023

Senyor Oca unveils a new musical venture with “Reiki”

The Catalan artist Senyor Oca presents his latest musical proposal with the release of “Reiki“. The song not only aims to convey the intensity of human connection and escapism but also introduces a melody that easily captures attention, fitting perfectly into the current urban rhythms of the music scene. “Reiki” […]
30 de November de 2023

Microbio presents his most critical side in “Culpa Tuya”

Microbio he releases “CULPA TUYA,” the fourth and penultimate preview of his new album. After three spectacular previews, Microbio unveils the new teaser titled “CULPA TUYA.” A song that explores his toughest side with a clear message of social criticism and class consciousness. On this occasion, Microbio collaborates with Danee […]
28 de November de 2023

La Sra. Tomasa’s latest Live Sessions: “X”, an unprecedented short film

A house, 18 musicians, and a lot of creative energy. This is how the tenth audiovisual piece from La Sra. Tomasa and El Colectivo comes to life, presenting a new visual and sonic venture that travels through the unique world of Adala, the alternatimba of Compota de Manana, the trap-flamenco […]
27 de November de 2023

Adala publishes “DELTA”, his long-awaited fourth album

“Delta” is Adala’s fourth work and the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. It also refers to the slower brain waves, those that shape the subconscious and unfold in dreams. Adala’s new album speaks of a collective subconscious formed by the emotions, thoughts, and silences of those around us. It […]
23 de November de 2023

El Pony Pisador presents “Gran Manual per Identificar Ocells”

El Pony Pisador releases “Gran Manual per Identificar Ocells,” the first preview of their upcoming studio album titled OCELLS. In this song, they introduce the theme of the album, which, in addition to being a common humorous resource on the internet, has been one of the first ideas that led […]
23 de November de 2023

Microbio presents “HE DECIDIDO” with Montserrap

Microbio, a recognized member of Lágrimas de Sangre, will release his third single “HE DECIDIDO“, in collaboration with Montserrap, on Thursday, November 23rd. This song sets the stage for the release of his upcoming work, HUMO SAPIENS, the third solo album of his career. It is produced in collaboration with […]
22 de November de 2023

Mistah Godeh premieres the music video for his last single “Nanana”

Mistah Godeh premieres the music video for “Nanana” his latest single with the Alicante producer Neim. The video combines real images of the artist with animations created by artificial intelligence. The song, released at the end of October, is already an anthem for the legalization of cannabis and social awareness. […]
16 de November de 2023

Microbio presents his second single “La mierda que nos gusta más”

Microbio presents his second single “La mierda que nos gusta más. Following the impactful first single “No me hables”, Microbio presents the second preview on November 16th titled “La mierda que nos gusta más”. This song pays tribute to the love and unwavering loyalty of the artist to Rap as […]
15 de November de 2023

Compota de Manana releases “La Jama” in a live format

Compota de Manana releases “La Jama” Live, a song that opened their album “Alternatimba.” It’s no coincidence that they chose this song, as it serves as the perfect introduction to the band. Using metaphors and their characteristic sense of humor, they explore the ingredients that define the band, creating an […]
9 de November de 2023

Microbio presents “No me hables,” a storm of social critique

Microbio presents “No me hables,” a storm of social critique Microbio presents another installment of social criticism with the release of his single “No me hables” (Don’t talk to me). The song features a raw and challenging narrative that questions conventional notions of spirituality and religion. With powerful lyrics and […]
8 de November de 2023

Mistah Godeh releases “Nanana” with the producer Neim

The renowned Valencian artist, Mistah Godeh, joins forces with the talented producer Neim to release his latest single titled “Nanana.” It’s a song that not only captivates with its catchy reggae “raggamuffin” rhythm from the 90s but also delivers a clear and forceful message about legalization throughout the country. With […]
8 de November de 2023

LDS, Adala, Senyor Oca & Masta Quba join HIP HOP x PALESTINE

Hip Hop for Palestine promises to be a historic event in memory of music that doesn’t stay silent when we need it the most. Following the example of other initiatives driven by civil society and the cultural sector of the country, this urgent musical gathering is another grain of sand […]
8 de November de 2023

Sr. Wilson & Griffi release a musical journey in “RUTAS INTERESTELARES”

The long-awaited album “Rutas Interestelares” by the talented artists Sr. Wilson and Griffi has been released on October 19th, bringing an end to the wait for urban music lovers. This musical work promises to take listeners on an exciting journey through unique and captivating soundscapes, filled with influences ranging from […]