Aina Koda

Aina Koda is a rap group from the Valencian Community, consisting of Aina Nogueroles (vocals and lyrics) and Adam González (producer and DJ). Their signature style is characterized by protest lyrics with a touch of humor. Despite their young age, they are releasing their debut album, "Percal," on March 14.
Aina Koda has rapidly become one of the prominent names in the emerging Valencian music scene. The project has already received several awards, such as the TresDeu Award for Best Musical Release and the Ovidi Award for Emerging Artist. Their recent success includes winning the Sona9 music competition.
With an unyielding spirit, their music draws from rap but ventures into various other genres, creating a unique style. Aina Koda is part of the new wave of musicians who reject labels and can create protest lyrics while also addressing everyday topics, all with their characteristic sense of humor.
Aina Koda is now releasing "Percal" (Guspira Records 2023), an album they've been working on for two years. The album consists of 12 songs that blend genres like trap, afrotrap, and house, offering a wide range of different musical styles. This collection reflects their immediate reality, invoking various emotions throughout the album. It balances classic-sounding protest song rhythms with others that are more melodic, light, and playful.
"Percal" kicks off with "Polinyà de Xúquer," one of the band's most distinctive tracks, which has put their hometown on the map. It celebrates the connection with traditions and small-town life, both in terms of lyrics and music. The song incorporates the tabal rhythm of La Muixeranga, a traditional festive event in the Valencian Community, and melodies from El baile de La Moma, a popular Valencian dance.

The pace slows down with "Viatge espacial," a trap-infused song that nostalgically recalls the artist's childhood, featuring a gentle flute and piano melody. Another track, "Menú del dia," delves into the culinary world to draw parallels with their music, highlighting the gradual and slow-cooked creative process.
With confidence, they embark on their first collaboration on the album, "El mòbil," featuring Eldemuro, a member of the Valencian group Cactus. This fun and original song has funky undertones and reflects on addiction to new technologies. In the latter part of "Percal," the atmosphere changes, moving into darker and more electronic sounds to showcase a more critical side of Aina Koda. One example is "Pam Pam," featuring Aina Palmer, a Valencian electronic pop duo consisting of Jordi Palau and Aina Monferrer. This duo, featuring two Ainas, delivers verses with a touch of egotrip that adds a fiery edge to the song. "Moniatos" is a drum & bass track inspired by the metrics of Catalan rapper Senyor Oca, further displaying the group's versatility. Another noteworthy collaboration is with Sociología Animal, a Valencian urban music group that promotes social awareness and criticism. Their song, "Històries Valencianes," is a protest rap defending the Valencian language, culture, and identity, incorporating the words of the renowned writer Joan Fuster. This message is accompanied by a sample of Pep Gimeno, known as "Botifarra," a Valencian cantaor (singer) recognized for his work in preserving traditional Valencian music and culture.

The musical journey concludes with "Coda," a homage to the prominent figures of the Valencian cultural and social scene who have paved the way for future artists. It references individuals like Panxo from Zoo, Xavi Sarrià from Obrint Pas, and La Gossa Sorda, as well as the Valencian group Arrap and the rapper Tesa. Just as their stage name "Koda" is derived from the musical term "Coda," which indicates the end of a musical piece, this name is fitting for a band that has only just begun but has already established itself as one of the emerging artists in the Valencian Community.

"Percal" is an album that demonstrates the need to experiment with different styles and showcases their innate adaptability in both organic and electronic sounds. It blends the worlds of rap and electronic music into a dual-sided album, one side being more confrontational, assertive, and protest-driven, and the other side delving into their roots, their approach to music, and what they can achieve with it. This duality is masterfully captured in "Percal," available on all digital platforms and in physical format starting on March 14.