Compota de Manana

One of the most spectacular musical projects in Barcelona at the moment, Compota de Manana, is a sonic explosion of Latin roots, led by the band's frontman, Erik Castillo. This group was born out of the need to express something different musically, to represent more than just music, and a commitment to the truth. As its name suggests, Compota is a mix, a carefully crafted artisanal concentrate. Manana represents heart, soul, folklore, and Cuba. It is in this country where everything begins, as Erik studied music in Havana for almost a decade, immersing himself in the island's culture and its artistic expressions in all its forms. After returning to Barcelona, he met C. Pardo, a pianist and a pivotal figure in the project. They connected over the same musical ideas and tastes, deciding to experiment and explore the fusion of Cuban music with other modern genres familiar to them. They discovered that timba, a dance genre that emerged in the 1990s in Cuba, resulted from the fusion of genres that were popular at that time.

Today, musical labels are becoming increasingly obsolete, but they embrace "La Alternatimba," something new, different, fun, and full of passion. That's what they stand for every time they take the stage, as if it were always their last concert. They are Compota de Manana. To carry out this project, it was essential to surround themselves with great professionals and, above all, great people. Compota de Manana consists of a cast of young and excellent musicians with a significant international career, having shared the stage and collaborated with artists of the caliber of Alain Pérez, Wynton Marsalis, Irakere, Paquito D' Rivera, Descemer Bueno, Jimmy Bosch, Tromboranga, José Alberto el Canario, Giovanni Hidalgo, Larry Harlow, among many others.