El Pony Menut

El Pony Menut is the family-friendly version of the El Pony Pisador group. This project was born in response to popular demand since songs like 'Tot és part de ser un pirata,' 'La noble vila de Su,' 'La confraria del menhir,' or 'El meu pare és un formatge' have been appreciated by audiences of all ages, and children needed a concert format adapted to their style and schedules.

That's why we created El Pony Menut, a simpler, shorter, and more intimate format, focused on allowing children to enjoy a show that caters directly to their way of listening to music. El Pony Menut will not lose any of the distinctive features of the group: careful vocal harmony, quality in performance, the dissemination of music from around the world, and, of course, a sense of humor.

In El Pony Menut concerts, we will focus on songs with stories and characters, such as 'Concili cefalòpode a Malgrat de Mar,' 'Bartomeu El Portuguès,' or 'El llom del diplodocus.' Through these songs, we will engage the audience and have fun with resources related to traditional music, such as vocal harmony, rhythm and percussion, or recognizing timbres and instruments from the folk repertoire.

With these songs and those that are part of our collaboration in the iCat FM program 'Els Experts,' like 'Garotes a Premià de Mar,' 'Faraó Tutankamon,' or 'La Placa,' we can explore the animal world, different periods of history, or even talk about science.

El Pony Menut offers a journey around the world through sound traditions from everywhere, with a focus on understanding music as a way to have fun with friends and family. We want the playful spirit of the group to play a central role in El Pony Menut concerts, capturing a bit of the spirit of Asterix and Obelix, through which we awaken our interest in traveling and discovering our surroundings."