El Pony Pisador

El Pony Pisador has become one of the most important popular music bands in Catalonia. Their sound is crafted within the tradition of Celtic and folk music. If we mix the worlds of JRR Tolkien with Monty Python and add a substantial dose of contemporary folk energy, the result could be something akin to El Pony Pisador.

They have released three albums, with the latest featuring collaboration with The Longest Johns, a Sea Shanties group from England. Currently, El Pony Pisador is working on their fourth album, OCELLS, with a planned release in early 2024. So far, they have accumulated over 6 million streams in their catalog, and their fan base continues to grow.

El Pony Pisador has performed across Europe, including notable appearances at Eurofolk in Germany, Appingedam Folk in the Netherlands, and the North Sea Folk & Shanties Festival in Belgium, as well as noteworthy participation in the Severn Seas Festival in the UK, among others. They have also showcased their talent in Canada at La Fete des Chants Marins and in the United States at the Bay City Maritime Festival.

Additionally, the band has traveled to different continents, successfully completing a tour in Australia this year with six shows in the southwest of the island, including the Albany International Folk and Shanty Festival. This tour was highly successful, with all tickets sold out. Plans for the next tour in early 2025 are already in motion.

The year 2023 has been exceptionally busy, with over 50 performances. It will culminate with their first performance in Asia, confirmed at the Hozo Music Festival in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam).

As the year 2024 begins, the band is already experiencing exciting developments, as they have been selected to perform at the Folk Alliance International in Kansas (United States) in February.

Undoubtedly, El Pony Pisador is currently at the peak of their career.