El Pony Pisador

One of the groups that has been on everyone's lips in 2021 is El Pony Pisador. Songs like 'La Noble vila de Su,' 'La confraria del menhir,' or 'El meu pare es un formatge' are clear examples. If you mix the world of JRR Tolkien with Monty Python, the result could be something similar to El Pony Pisador.
Celtic and traditional folk music with a dose of absurd humor.
El Pony Pisador truly made a name for themselves with their first professional work, 'Matricular una Galera' (Coopula 2019), with which they embarked on a tour of taverns in Catalonia and the United Kingdom, which was unfortunately interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this situation, they decided to launch a patronage project with Aixeta.cat, which had more than 200 patrons. With this project in motion, they created an educational YouTube channel where they could explore and share their interest in traditional music forms. They also started streaming concerts, becoming one of the channels with the most viewers in the Catalan language.

In September 2020, they released a new album, 'Els nostres amics els esfeníscids' (self-produced), a photo album of penguins simulating a trip to Antarctica. Despite being a joke, it received significant recognition on social media, which greatly helped them when releasing their latest work, 'Jaja Salu2' (Guspira Records 2021). It's a humorous and surreal album created with the participation of fans in Instagram and Twitter contests and Twitch live streams. These songs went viral and marked a turning point in El Pony Pisador's career.

As a result of this album, El Pony Pisador tripled the number of concerts, ending 2021 with more than 40 concerts and 30 sold-out shows. They also released their third album, 'It's never too late for Sea Shanti Album,' a shanty album they had pending with their most loyal audience."