Guspira. Booking & Management

Guspira is a subsidiary agency of Rhythm and Flow, a booking and management office specializing in Reggae and Hip Hop with a 15-year track record.
Endorsed by an extensive portfolio with hundreds of concerts across Europe, the USA, and Latin America, over these 15 years, we have collaborated with some of the most important festivals in Europe, including Boomtown (UK), Summerjam (Germany), Rototom Sunsplash (Valencia), Reggae Geel (Belgium), and Reggae Sun Ska (France), to name a few."

"Music is to be understood and nurtured, maintaining a sustainable approach without putting economic interests above people."

Guspira was born out of the need to distinguish between two lines of work. After many years in which the office's focus was primarily on booking Jamaican and American artists in Europe, we now feel the need to give visibility to the artists and the work we carry out in Spain and the Catalan countries.

At the same time, Guspira is broadening its musical horizons to encompass other genres with which we weren't initially as familiar, but always in line with the philosophy of Rhythm and Flow: a love for music."

"In the world of the music industry, it often becomes a business where groups and individuals are treated as commodities. We believe that music is to be understood and nurtured, maintaining a sustainable approach without placing economic interests above people.

We want to break away from the traditional notion of success. We don't want to judge groups by the number of people they can draw to a concert venue or a festival. We believe that music is an integral part of our culture and want to provide tools and mechanisms for artists to develop themselves without obstacles. Even those who manage to become internationally renowned groups may have started as budding talents in need of a helping hand. We don't want to forget them, and we're here to offer our support. We come to collaborate, to work together beyond commissions or fees, as we believe that teamwork is key to the success of groups, and this is what defines us the most."