La Sra. Tomasa

La Sra. Tomasa offers an unconventional and daring fusion of styles that challenges and, at the same time, respects the roots on which the different musical styles they blend are based. These young musicians defend their heritage, as they owe all their learning to it. They use Latin American folk styles (timba, salsa, guaguancó), reggae, funk, rap, and other influences as variables, coloring the various current urban and electronic trends.

They present a clear image: the organic and human aspect as a variable that complements the electronic part as a constant representing the present. It's their will and desire to contribute something different to the mixed and electronic music scene, driven by the belief that progress is humanity's most important characteristic.

The result is an innovative sound that celebrates individuality while remaining an open book, inviting people to overcome the fear of differences that make us unique. Their live show, full of strength and vitality, infects an audience that will never lose the desire to experience something new.

From the desire to create an alternative product different from what was popular in the music scene at the time, La Sra. Tomasa was born. It's a band formed by musicians from various projects who came together with a shared goal.