Lagrimas de Sangre

Lágrimas de Sangre, also known as LDS, it’s been over a decade touring and conquering different territories with an explosive live show. LDS is one of top Hip Hop groups in Spain: 2 platinium ("Voy a celebrarlo" and "Cuando sale el sol") and 2 gold records ("La Gente" and "Buen Viaje") and more than 175 million streams on spotify prove that.

LDS is headling some of the biggest festivals in Spain with more than 300 shows and many sold outs all over Spain. In 2022 they released their forth album “Armónico Desorden” (Guspira Records 2022) with a 50 dates not only in Spain but Also in Mexico and England.

LDS stands out for its rich lyrical and sonic universe, offering lively and danceable themes for festive moments, alongside other more intimate proposals with existentialist verses, not forgetting the raw and bitter ones in the form of protest songs. LDS is composed of Still ill, Microbio, and Neidos on vocals, and Acid Lemon in musical production; live performances are accompanied by Ricky Hammond as a multi-instrumentalist. Undoubtedly, talking about LDS is synonymous with a trajectory, consolidation, and future. "It's not about turning around, nor is it about being back, it's returning.