Las Karamba

Las Karamba is a musical project formed entirely by women from various parts of the world: Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, and Catalonia. They draw from their multicultural roots to seamlessly blend Latin rhythms such as son, cha cha chà, salsa, and timba. They are a mixed band in every sense. They are warmth and vibrant colors, but also change and struggle. A band that creates a unique and special musical color from Barcelona, capable of sweetening any ear.

In just 2 years, they have become one of the bands with the most international recognition, as seen in Groningen (Netherlands) at Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) 2020, the most important music professionals fair in Europe, or their performance in London at the Flawa Festival. They have also performed at renowned Catalan festivals such as the Black Music Festival, Bioritme, Clownia, or the Festival Esperanzah, among many others. This is a clear example of Las Karamba's potential.

Their lyrics are filled with musical heritages and personal experiences that bring consciousness and criticism, always contributing their feminist perspective. They are lyrics without borders, without ages, and without exclusions of any kind. They tell stories always with humor, feeling, and truth ahead.

Founded in 2018 amidst the streets of Barcelona, amid chaos, traffic, the city, and stress, out of the need to gather strength, combat fears, and spread joy and enthusiasm to all audiences. Born from empathy between seven life stories. Stories of migrations and musical heritages, with the intention of pursuing dreams, experiencing human potential and sensitivity.

Currently, the band consists of Ahyvin Bruno (voice and güiro), Rita Baulida (timbale), Ahylin Bruno (congas), Liviet Ojeda (bass), Natasha Arizu (keyboard), and Anggie Obin (flute). With their first album "Camino Así" (2021), they bring color and light wherever they go.

"Las Karamba" are the voice of all those women who were silent, who were in the shadows, who fought alone, throughout the history of music, and who have much to tell today.

In 2024, they return with a new album, "Te lo digo cantando," from which we have already been able to hear the first single "La Humanitat."