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8 de November de 2023
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Mistah Godeh releases “Nanana” with the producer Neim


The renowned Valencian artist, Mistah Godeh, joins forces with the talented producer Neim to release his latest single titled “Nanana.” It’s a song that not only captivates with its catchy reggae “raggamuffin” rhythm from the 90s but also delivers a clear and forceful message about legalization throughout the country.

With this new single, he has decided to tackle one of the most current and controversial topics: the legalization of cannabis. “Nanana” is built on the basis of real experiences related to legalization and provides a clear and easily understandable message that will be ingrained in the listener’s auditory memory.

The song is an anthem for the fight for legalization, a call to reflect on an issue that is in the spotlight today. While in recent years, some countries in the EU and other parts of the world have already legalized cannabis, in the Spanish state, no regulations have been approved to move forward, not even for therapeutic use. Furthermore, this song reveals the complexities of life in the “cannabis” community, exploring the daily struggles of those living under a traditionalist moral code. Mistah Godeh collaborates on this occasion with the Alicante-based producer Neim, who has worked with artists like Sharif, Sofía Gabanna, and Nfx.

The single “Nanana” not only promises to be a musical success but also a tool for social awareness. It’s a song loaded with a strong message intended to initiate a dialogue about legalization and challenge the conventional perception of this issue.

“Nanana” is the new single by Mistah Godeh and Neim, available on all digital platforms and also on YouTube.