Guspira Records Catalog

In 2019, Guspira Records was established. Following the same values that define Guspira Management, a record label was opened to provide coverage for all the groups within the office. What initially aimed to be a tool to support our bands has evolved into an independent project. So, in Guspira Records, you can find artists who are not part of Guspira Management. We want to open this project to all groups who wish to be part of it.

This record label was born out of a need to offer music groups fair, transparent, and humane treatment. Unfortunately, it's all too common to see bands tied to record labels with draconian contracts they regret for a lifetime. We ourselves have been victims of some of these contracts, which is why we felt the need to establish a record label with the kind of deals we would have wanted to have.

Currently, we work with the following artists: Lágrimas de Sangre, Sharif, La Sra. Tomasa, Sr. Wilson, Vito, Mistah Godeh, Las Karamba, Senyor Oca, Lil Russia, Rudymentari, Acros, and Montserrap.