Senyor Oca

Senyor Oca has become one of the benchmarks in Rap de la Terra (Catalan Rap), delivering a powerful message of social criticism. His live performances are energetic and intense, providing space for reflection and moments of fun for dancing and enjoying the party. It's a project with its own identity. In 2018, his first professional album, "Cant de Pagès", placed him in the professional scene with performances at MMVV, Festival Acústica, Garrivern, Black Music Festival, as well as dozens of performances at "barraques" and Major Festivals in Catalonia.

2019 was a frenetic year full of concerts with remarkable performances at festivals like Festivern or Fira Mediterranea, among many others. In November of that year, he released his latest work, "EGA" (Guspira Records), featuring collaborations with Ju and Lágrimas de Sangre.

The year 2020 couldn't have started better with a sold-out show at Sala Apolo presenting "EGA," but unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted his extensive tour, which included major festivals. In 2022, he kicked off with a new album, "Portals," collaborating with artists like Flashy Ice Cream, El Pony Pisador, or Santa Salut.

Social criticism, partying, unity, and "rap de la terra" are the pillars that characterize this artist, who is accompanied live by drums, saxophone, DJ, and a backing vocalist. An explosive combination of hip-hop with drum and bass that has already convinced major festivals like Viña Rock, where he presented his new album.

He concludes this 2023 with a tour in Mexico alongside Sr. Wilson & Griffi and the release of singles like "A 4 Vents" or "Reiki."