Sr. Wilson

Sr. Wilson is already a recognized name in various musical scenes and genres on the current music scene. He began his career in the Reggae and Soundsystem scene 12 years ago and is currently one of the essential names nationally and internationally with whom he has managed to share his music worldwide through hundreds of performances and tours that have taken him to Spain, Europe, Latin America, the United States, and Japan.

In his extensive international experience, performances at renowned festivals in various countries around the world stand out, such as Viñarock, Rototom Sunsplash, Cabo de Plata, Etnosur, BAM, Lagata Reggae Festival, not to mention the prolific circuit of Major Festivals in Catalonia.

In 2021, Sr. Wilson released his EP "4 Flores," in which he gave a new, fresher, and more current approach to his artistic proposal by merging influences from different genres and trends, creating a unique and personal sound. This was followed by major singles with luxury collaborations such as "Stay Homa," collaborating with the breakthrough artist "Stay Homas" (achieving over 6 million plays) or "My Driver" with Biga Ranx, one of the most important figures in French hip-hop/ragga. Also, "Mátame," produced by the Barcelona-based producer duo Kickbombo, who delve into more urban sounds and catchy melodies.

In 2023, Sr. Wilson returns accompanied by none other than the producer and artist Griffi, a living legend of national Hip Hop with the group Sólo los Solos and one of the fundamental pillars of Spanish rap. Sr. Wilson and Griffi, who have already worked together on several occasions and performed together at the Cruïlla Festival 2021, join forces in an indestructible duo to present new music.

After two years simmering slowly, the new album "Rutas interestelares" by Sr. Wilson & Griffi is now available, and they will present it in the main venues of the country, as well as on a tour in Mexico.